Well this is super exciting!

I love working with a company that supports its business partners so well, and having promotions for joining is so great as it helps us to build our teams and create a fab business for ourselves and to share with others! If you’ve ever seen what I’m doing and have been slightly intrigued by South Hill Designs then please get in touch. This is a fab offer that will help you get get off to a flying start, working December to get a mid-Jan pay day (just when we all need it!). I can assure you that not only is this a truly wonderful company to partner up with, you will also have a team of ladies who support you and cheer you on every step of the way, and will be helping other ladies tell their story through gorgeous jewellery, having fun ‘partying’ with them – what could get any better than that??

12299166_10154106004368488_6315008763024375609_nI do this alongside my full time job and my part time craft work, and we have ladies who are full time mummies, who work and have kiddos, single mums, as well as women who do this full time! So it really does fit around anyone’s commitments and will work for anyone who is willing to work it back. So what are you waiting for? Reading to jump on this exciting journey? One last bit of info…. you get me! Yup, I will be here supporting you all the way, being your biggest cheerleader and helping you grow your business to what you want it to be! Being part of something that is all about women succeeding and making a difference is pretty special!


Cool Prompt Movable Lights for Craft Displays

I favor to create my personal lighting as I’ve observed that my homemade lighting persists for extensive periods. I found a couple of tutorials but they were unclear or seemed similar to way too much labor. So I prepared my own tutorial for your benefit.



Modus Operandi

Stage 1

The battery will be your major cost so if you want a boat battery or familiar with somebody who does, simply borrow it. You won’t be performing anything to it just securing it up. Take care the battery is completely charged afore consuming. Remember to use Deep Cycle Marine Battery, not an auto battery. I started considering wheelchair or scooter batteries because they are smaller and lighter, but worked with what I discerned would function.

Stage 2

I cut the wires; thus I had identical measurements of every hue for both lights. To retain stuff immaculately, I knotted both groups of wire jointly close to the battery finish and curled them individually. Using the female connector that paired off with the male connectors on the lights, I uncovered the trimmings of the wire and pleated the connectors on. I utilized these connectors so I might detach them effortlessly. I may well have hardwired them; however I need to preserve objects movable and straightforwardly stowed. Practice one filament of each hue to connect all headlights; black to black and white to white.

Stage 3

Attach the battery locks by winding both black wires mutually and folding them on the black negative lock and both white wires on the red positive lock. As with all connecting, be sure there is no naked metal displaying at any of your links. You need to light up your cubicle not your cubicle casing. Besides you definitely don’t desire to electrocute someone.

Stage 4

I connect the lights and zip-tied them to my cubicle casing. At that time, I set the wires alongside the structure and zip-tied them, so as to make them orderly. I set the battery on a piece of scrap wood; fastened the red clamp to the positive side of the battery and the black clamp to the negative flank. I constantly organized to have the battery concealed beneath a demonstration desk, so the curtains shielded the whole thing. I generally join the clamps only when it’s black enough to be required, no requirement to operate the battery, if there’s not any demand.

I profited from these lights for displays for around a year and did not observe any lowering after 5 hours of usage. I recharged the battery with a trickle charger the day in advance of the show.

Comprehend that these will brighten up your booth plentiful that you may require attaching shades to avert your adjoining sellers from grumbling. The battery weighs roughly 40 or 50 pounds, which I don’t have a problem with, so long as I can go up to my cubicle to unpack my exhibition. If you can’t lug that mass or if you have to walk a while with it, you may need a hand-truck or something else to carry it with.

By http://www.instructables.com/member/oddartist/


So true!

I’ve stood beside him (DM)
beneath a violent tornado in progress in the US in both 2013 and 2015. I’m blessed for those opportunities given to me (when he didn’t have to). At that very moment… nothing else in the world matters. It’s sounds selfish but that’s how it works. We couldn’t really get closer as we were in the outer circulation of the tube at one stage. It was also chasing at close-range. Thi was chasing experience which essentially hones my own craft here at home and hopefully this is conveyed through my chasing imagery and extreme weather videos here at home in Australia.

The majestic beauty and raw power of Mother Nature drilling the earth two football fields away is something that I’ll always remember. The ambience.. the sound.. the smell.. It’s almost indescribable. At that very point in time.. all the thousands of miles flown.. all the thousands spent on shitty gas stop food.. gas.. no sleep.. non-stop moving from state to state and back again is worth every penny. Crossing off #1 on my bucketlist at 31 years of age in 2013 was my most proudest achievement other than marrying Kylie and having the kids.

I always smile to myself of the things learned over the couple of years I’ve had the honour of chasing with Dick .. Like how to wave to other chasers on the chase with one finger. If one thing is for certain which always gives me a smirk is.. Dick McGowan likes scaring the living shit out of our Australian team! To score a photo like this.. makes flying 30,000 miles worth it.



To wrap up the tips on how to improve one’s life’s results at this period of crossing over to a new year, I will be talking about the third major step to be taken to chart a better course for one’s life. AGAIN, READ THROUGH ONLY IF YOU ARE READY TO GIVE IT YOUR ALL TO MOVE TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL & ATTAIN VICTORY OVER ANY CHALLENGES.

In my two previous posts, I talked about changing our thoughts & our words. Next is changing our actions or acting differently as the case may be. These steps are to be followed:

1. Check your actions in the area of your desired improvement. Do an honest assessment. Are you certain you are doing the BEST you can towards your desire? Is there any area you can do things DIFFERENTLY to get a better result? Is there anything EXTRA you can do than what you have been doing? Gen. 8:22 tells us that there will always be seed time & harvest time. That is quality inputs should generate quality outputs & vice-versa.

2. Make a note of what you think you can do BETTER, EXTRA or DIFFERENTLY in the specific area you are being challenged. Is it to pray more, believe more, give more, work harder, save more, love more, support more…? Let your ACTIONS line up with your new THOUGHTS & WORDS. For instance, if you are believing God to get a better job opportunity, invest in your personal development in anticipation of your desire. You can simply read to get better. 2 Cor. 9:6 tells us that how you sow is how you reap. The word of God can’t be broken.

3. Be COMMITTED to doing it & with your whole heart involved too! Psalms 126:5-6 tells us that even though the seed is sown in tears, the harvest will be reaped in joy. Refuse to be discouraged. If you do not give up, you will get your result in due time. God is faithful to His laid down principles & as you practice these steps focused solely on Him, you will never be disappointed. 1 Cor. 15:58


Quality THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS backed by God Himself & His words will yield quality results. YOU ONLY NEED TO BELIEVE IN GOD & YOUR BEST EFFORTS! CHEERS to an improved life!