Choosing and using Batteries for motorcycles Tips

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Today, I would like to share you a little bit information about how to choose the best battery for your motorcycle. Besides, I also give you some things about how to use it effectively and durably.

I know, the better the battery’s quality is, the longer your motorcycle could run. So, you have to not only choose yourself the best catch-eyed motor but also, pay attention to its details, especially the battery.

For 1 vehicle especially motorcycle line, the battery is an extremely important device because it dominates the vehicle’s operation. When using devices using GPS navigation devices from the battery to receive signals from GPS satellites and playback GSM waves to transmit signals, which takes a lot of power.

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How to choose Battery for motorcycles tips

With the battery of poor quality is not the battery will drain faster and more easily damaged. So, to help you choose the right type of battery – the best and highest-quality battery, I would share some notes when selecting the battery as follows:

  1. Choose the size and battery pole position

You need to choose the battery size and pole position matching the size that manufacturers have standardized. A suitable battery will be held tightly in the grooves, avoiding problems occurring from oscillation or vibration during vehicle’s motion. You should note that some vehicles that allow mounting batteries of different sizes. It’s best to bring or take a photograph of old batteries to modeling, avoid confusion.

  1. Notes about Voltage and capacity

For your motorcycle, you’ll have to use 12V batteries. If your car is still new, you should choose the batteries owning the same storage with your motorcycle’s old battery. If your motorcycle is quite old for using longer time, you should choose a battery whose capacity is about 10Ah greater than the old ones. For example, your original battery’s capacity is 50ah; if your car is old, or to restart, or to use electrical equipment, cold weather… you should choose a battery which can have the capacity of 60Ah. From that, you can avoid affecting the motor and damaging to the engine.

  1. The maximum start line

In addition to the above parameters, you must ensure the battery has enough energy to start the engine. Energy startup parameters were measured by parameters of the boot line. As symbol above, the 680A is the starting line that the battery can supply for about 30 seconds at 00C before the voltage down to 7.2V. You should choose batteries that have the starting line is equivalent or even greater than the old battery.

  1. Choose the product owning auto-navigation devices

This is best for motorcycles because it does not consume much fuel from the battery. That is always the thing that customers’ top concern when shopping for a navigation device your vehicle.

Batteries for motorcycles

How to use battery

  • When having bought a new battery, you should charge the batteries “fully” before using. Time for each charge (the charge line about 1/10 of the battery’s capacity) will be approximately 10 hours. When having been manufactured, the battery has normally been fully charged. However, it lasts a time for the battery to be shipped from the factory to the time you buy. The longer this period of time is, the higher self-discharge level of the battery is. Allowance of self-discharge AGM battery can be approximately 3%/month and 100% Gel 2%/month.
  • The steam battery is the battery of regular maintenance. This type of battery does not need to refill the solution and picky maintenance. But you still need to check and clean the tank cover and the electrodes. This is to ensure that the electrodes will not be oxidized and better exposure.
  • When charging the battery, you should not charge with the electronic stream, that is much larger in compared with the capacity of the battery charged. And you should choose auto-controlling align line charger for your motorcycle. Standardized electronic stream for the battery that is always recommended is 1/10. It means that load line should be about one-tenth of the battery capacity. For example, for 12V-100Ah battery, you should use the loader 10A.

Choosing and using Batteries for motorcycles Tips – Conclusion

Now, I think that you can have the good experiences for choosing and using the battery for motorcycles. Hope that you can choose and buy the products that are suitable and economical for you. Especially, choosing the best battery, you may feel more safe when moving on the street without any problems from your vehicle. The best battery will companion you on the ways to go everywhere.

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