I was on a job looking for Buchanan Elementary and missed a turn


Last night at around 6:20 pm, I was on a job looking for Buchanan Elementary and missed a turn. I turned around on the road where Notre Dame of Bethlehem Church is. I got distracted and accidentally missed a stop sign. A red Toyota Highlander or RAV4 was in the turning lane of the church. He started honking his horn at me. I noticed I missed the stop sign but he wasn’t in the road and an accident didn’t happen so I continued driving. That’s when I got scary. He then proceeds to tailgate me, tried to pull up next to me in a two lane road, roll down his window to scream at me, and honk his car horn. I got scared so I pull into the parking lot at rite aid at westgate mall and he parks me in gets out of his car and starts screaming and cursing at me calling me a “dumb bitch” and that he has “3 kids” and I could of killed them. I start screaming for help and this man across the street runs to help me trying to calm the man down. The man driving the car tells to “suck my dick” and starts yelling at him. The man helping me tells him he’s going to take a picture of his license and call the cops. At this point, I am crying and seriously scared out of my mind. The man harassing me the yells more things, gets in his car, backs up so I can’t take a picture and speeds through the parking lot. The man who helped me stayed with me till the cops came and helped. I don’t know what would of happened if he wasn’t there so I thanked that man and the Bethlehem Police Officer. I wanted to share this so if you need help with a serious road rage harasser you need to pull into a public parking lot so others can see you. I honestly should of pulled into the wawa on schonersville because there is usually a cop there and lots of people would of helped me out if he became violent. I didn’t get a picture of his license plate but he was driving a red Toyota Highlander or RAV4 but it looked like a bigger RAV4. He was a Hispanic male in his 30s maybe with a black baseball cap with a white lid underneath the cap and a black hoodie. The windows on the car were tinted so you couldn’t see anything inside the car. He was pulling out of the Notre Dame Church parking lot at around 6:20 or so. I want to make sure this guy never does this again and hand him over to Bethlehem Police. I don’t know if Bethlehem Police can do anything but I can at least try. Please be careful out there!

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