Jesus was put under pressure by men who wanted to make Him king over themselves because He was supplying bread and fish for them every time they were around Him, but He wouldn’t jeopardize His vision because of a cheap title of king. He stood His ground and refused to fall for the pressure of kingship because He was already a King in a region whose policy supersedes that of this world before He came. Material things have a way of putting people under unnecessary pressure, don’t fall for it. Don’t let devil wave to you things that God intends to give to you in the future and present it to you now thereby putting you under pressure to cut corners. Any time you find yourself trying to get now what God intends to give to you in the future, you have been put under pressure somewhere along the line, and the earlier you come off that pressure the safer for you because pressure makes people to do funny things that jeopardize their destiny. Let me show you another area where you can experience pressure in your life:

1. Inability to know your level: Everybody has a level, and a proper knowledge of your present level will save you from unnecessary pressure. When Jesus was walking upon the sea, it appeared as though there was no storm at all, but Jesus walked upon the storm because of His level of faith. When Peter also came out of the ship unto the sea, he was confidently walking towards Jesus until there arose a boisterous storm, but because of his level of faith, he began to sink; if a professional is doing it without sweating it will look as though it is easy until you attempt it; know your level!. When you know your level nobody can place pressure on you. You will fall cheaply to the temptation of the devil if you don’t recognise your level. There is an amount of money you can’t handle when it comes into your hand. Money has a womb and everyone can impregnate it. To a child, an amount of money would be used to buy snacks, while to a teenager, it would be used to purchase new clothes; while to an elderly man, it would be used as an investment to improve on his business. Before you go to the next level, know the present level where you are now. What someone is doing by grace, don’t do by strength. Don’t ever think of buying consumable goods or clothes on credit.

PRAYER POINT: Lord, I receive the courage to operate within my level today and not be enticed by the level of other men in Jesus name.

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