You people need to learn how to be more caring for others instead of saying who cares how about helping some one who needs your help and maybe some day when u least expect it something good will happen or when u need help people will be like oh that person helped me so I’m gonna return the favor and help them to but u deny them so people will do the same to u to..and every one needs to learn to stop cussing in every sentence they say it’s annoying and disrespectful that’s why we’re in the situation in the world cause there’s no respect every one has so much hate for each other you know what that is its the devil getting stronger and stronger cause you dummy’s commit sins and break the commandments…the main one is thou shall not kill”..meaning stop killing each other and instead save a life… Show love for each other even if they from a different country or black white Hispanic asian ect were all the same and no one deserves to die..especially the innocent ones that get killed for no reason cause the dummy with the gun is to scares to get his ass beat like in the good o days..fight toe to toe man up pussys.. Guns are for pussys…

U think killing some one gives u props cause u killed some one no it just makes u a loser cause u gotta go to prison …so man up take a ass beating …and another thing these GANGS now a adays are for pussys to and I’ll say it to your face…GANGS are for pussys that are to scared to fight alone they hide behind there little buddies and try and act all hard. Who cares about these stupid colors no one cares. Its a dumb color.. What makes u man is being your own person take responsibility in your life and stop having kids if u can’t raise them…wear a condom a girls need to keep opening there legs to every guy with a dick and save them selves for marriage… This world is coming closer and closer to an end if these things don’t change fast…and when the world ends don’t try praying to God to save you because he gonna turn away from you cause u did all these things and couldn’t live in peace and harmony..remember he knows all and sees all

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