Make your battery life longer

When you think of a battery, many things come to one’s mind. One of the key things that people ponder when dealing with a battery is about what to do and what not to do. A battery is found basically everywhere and is used by everybody around the globe. People use batteries in their daily lives without even thinking about it. Later, when the battery gives up on them, they wonder why it happened and quickly decide to purchase a new one. This is where many people are wrong. A battery that is rechargeable is reconditionable, which means it is possible to restore it back to almost its full capacity.

A battery comes in various types and sizes. The average lifespan of a battery is almost 48 months, but these days, it has receded to about 12-18 months. This is because people do not care about it anymore. If you have a battery and you expect it to run for a long time, you will need to give it the proper care and maintenance. There are some basic do’s and don’ts of a battery. If you abide by them, your battery life can increase by a good amount.

The do’s of a battery

Do put your safety first

Many batteries consist of toxic material that can be hazardous to your health or cause damage to you. It is best to be safe when handling batteries. Something that you can do is to take off all jewelry, wear goggles and gloves, and place the battery in a wide open space.

Do recharge batteries as soon as they have discharged

It is very important that you recharge batteries as soon as they are down on their energy level or else they will start to suffer and die slowly. In lead-acid batteries, if they are not charged immediately, they will suffer from sulfation and their capacity to recharge completely will diminish.

Do maintain your battery and inspect it regularly, especially in the hot weather

Batteries tend to overheat, which is never a good sign. This mostly happens in hot weather. Even so, it is important for you to keep an eye on your battery and its performance to ensure that it has a long life.

Do buy the highest RC (reserve capacity) or AH (amp-hour) battery that will fit your configuration

Keeping a tab on your battery’s performance will help it live a longer life as you can recondition it as soon as you feel it is not performing up to par.

Do go through a tutorial first

When you are looking to recondition a battery as a DIY project, research about it first. Gain as much information as you possibly can before you start. This way you will have knowledge about the process and will know how to go about handling the battery.

The don’ts of a battery

Don’t forget your safety comes first

Extreme emphasis is placed on safety while handling batteries. This is because your health comes first and you need to take the right precautions to look after yourself and protect yourself while handling various types of batteries.

Without some type of device to keep the battery charged, don’t leave it in your gear or toys

This may lead to the battery leaking and destroying the product and the place where it is placed. Remember that these are toxic batteries and can affect you or your child. The best idea is to disconnect them and either keep them separate or charge them after every little while.

Don’t add new acid into a battery

If you add a new type of acid to an already existing acid battery, it can cause a bad reaction and may even cause the battery to explode. The battery itself will be rendered useless and you will never be able to do anything with it.

If the engine is running, don’t disconnect the battery cables

Your battery acts as a filter. If you do this, your car will experience immense problems and may cease to work. Your battery could get affected as well since it would abruptly stop the energy release process.

Don’t use unregulated, high-output battery chargers to charge batteries

This will just destroy your battery’s capacity to recharge. As the power that would be provided to recharge the battery would be variable, the battery would never be able to fully recharge itself and will eventually decline.

Don’t put off the recharging process of the battery

If you put it off, it won’t be able to recharge to the fullest later and will experience a lot of trouble. You may even have to throw it away eventually. It’s best to charge it at the same time to make sure that the battery does not begin the sulfation process.

The size and type of battery matter; don’t disregard them

No other battery will work if a gadget or product requires a specific type of battery. This will only cause damage to the product and the battery, both of which you may not be able to use later.

Don’t let a battery get hot to touch when charging; it may start boiling violently

If this happens, the chances are that the battery would explode. It is best to stay away from the battery if this happens as there is nothing you can do about it.

Don’t add tap water to a battery

Tap water contains minerals that can contaminate the electrolyte. It is best that you use distilled water, which will clear out any harmful objects on the battery.

Don’t let the battery discharge any more than it usually does

This will lead to the battery being deprived of the energy it needs to conserve in order to operate and recharge later.

The uses of a battery vary from products and so does its life span. It is important to know these details if you want your battery to last longer.

Types of Miter Saw and How to Use Them

Types of Miter Saw

Miter saws currently approach in a large array of sizes and styles, enough in truth where it nearly feels like they shouldn’t all be named miter saws. But the one thing they all have in mutual is the capability to cut angles correctly, the major aim of a miter saw and one they all distribute. Obviously, the more space the saw has, the more it will commonly support you. Miter saw is of four kinds and each kind has been listed here for your guidance.

The Standard Miter Saw

For those who wish to insert baseboard and casing on a home or cut picture frame molding, a normal miter saw is often sufficient. These saws cut standard angles across the grain of the wood. A miter gauge is delivered, letting the saw to be fixed to a precise angle for sawing.

The Compound Miter Saw

When you go up into sawing crown molding, an ordinary miter saw is no longer enough. The exterior corner for crown molding is a compound angle; signifying it’s cut at an angle in both the horizontal and vertical tracks. To achieve this, the saw’s blade and motor must tilt, as well as swing from side to side. With a complex miter, you can saw these angles much effortlessly.

The Sliding Miter Saw

The sliding miter saw contains the cutter head, blade, and motor attached on rails, letting it to move backward and forward, as well as upward and downward. This permits for cutting of bigger work pieces, lumber expended for framing. While the correctness of sliding miter saws let them to be utilized for sawing large molding as well, many of the sliding action is in reality used for accepting the cutting of dimensional lumber on the saw.

The Manual Miter Saw

With all these potent miter saws, it would appear there’s no place left for a manual miter saw, but that is far away from the reality. There are certain applications, like cutting picture frame molding or cutting exceptionally tiny work pieces, like dowel rods which are essentially well done on a good quality manual miter saw, to evade destroying the work piece.

How to Use a Miter Saw

With such a large variety of miter saws on the bazaar, it’s enormously significant to take in consideration what certain models specifications say. This, more than anything else, will regulate what nature of saw you require. While looking at these specifications, contemplate about the biggest work piece you are probable to attempt to cut with the saw, as well as the sort of cuts you want to create; this will govern the size and kind of miter saw you require.

  • At all times saw the factory end from a board before assessing and cutting a portion for easy fit and reduced sanding.
  • Let the saw perform the work; don’t push the blade thru the wood.
  • More teeth mean slicker cuts.
  • Expend a blade with more than 50 teeth for production cuts.
  • For fine cuts, like molding, expend a blade with more than 90 teeth.
  • Treated lumber often has greater moisture substance than construction lumber, so take a lower tooth count still for fine cuts.
  • The bare spaces amid the teeth empty the debris and place reduced strain on the motor.
  • If conceivable, saw one angle end of a part before you stain and saw the opposite end.
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Tips to Repair Golf Cart Batteries

Repair Golf Cart

Golf cart batteries don’t recharge as you drive the golf cart. A cart which sees ample of use would decrease the battery charge almost fully daily and want an almost complete charge every night. This continuous discharging and recharging is stressful on a lead acid battery and can cause reduced battery life. You can take steps to mend and revive your golf cart batteries when they display signs of aging.

Stage 1

Open the battery section. Since, golf cart batteries are usually beneath the front seat, this necessitates that the anterior seat be pulled out of the cart. Certain cart models have the anterior seat hinged and the front is lifted straight up.

Stage 2

Wipe the rust off the batteries and wear gloves, along with goggles for safety. Combine two tablespoons of baking soda into 1 quart of water. Mix well and with a paintbrush, apply the mixture onto areas of the battery which have corrosion, don’t forget the areas around the battery terminals. The mixture will bubble and fizz, when it will get touched with battery acid.

Stage 3

Once the rust has been cleaned, wipe the tops of the batteries with plain water with the help of a clean paintbrush.

Stage 4

Examine the batteries for fissures or other damages. Dislodge and swap any batteries that have cracked case or appear to be leaking.

Stage 5

Eradicate the plastic caps that shield the cells of the batteries. You might want to shove the edge of a slot screwdriver beneath the cell cap and take upward to eliminate the caps. Examine every battery cell and utilize a turkey baster to insert purified water to any cell in which the plates are bared to the air. Add sufficient water to screen all plates.

Stage 6

Charge the battery nightly with three-phase charger group to charge 6-volt batteries. With certain chargers you will want to physically place the charge amid 2.3 and 2.35 volts. Fix the positive wire (red) onto the positive (+) terminal of the battery and the negative wire (black) to the negative (-) terminal of the battery. Fix in and turn on the charger after it is attached to the battery.

Stage 7

Observe the charge in the morning. If the battery charger denotes that the battery has obtained a complete charge, examine the cells and insert more purified water to any cells in which the battery plates are bared to the air and then swap the cell caps. Though, if the charger doesn’t signal that the battery has consented to a complete charge, you must take additional measures (see Stage 8).

Stage 8

Tilt the battery on its end and let about partial battery acid to flow out of every cell and into a plastic container. Wipe the battery with your paintbrush dunked in a baking soda mixture as explained in Stage 2. Wash your battery with plain water; making definite water doesn’t get into any of the cells.

Stage 9

Combine 8 ounces of Epsom salts into 2 quarts of lukewarm purified water. Mix methodically. Utilize your turkey baster to stuff every battery cell with the Epsom salts mixture till the cells are totally filled.

Stage 10

Charge the battery nightly as explained in Stage 6. The Epsom salts must eliminate deposits on the battery plates that formerly stopped the battery from accepting a full charge. Examine the battery in the morning. If the battery won’t accept a full charge yet, it probably cannot be protected. If the battery has accepted a charge, swap the cell caps and utilize your cart typically. Place a trickle charger on the batteries each night to keep the batteries in great condition.


  • Expend only purified water inside your battery.
  • Never utilize tap water as the toxins in tap water would damage your battery.
  • Do not get battery acid or the whitish or yellowish rust on the batteries or on your skin or clothing, as this acid can injure and abolish material in a very short time.
  • At all times, put on gloves and eye protection when operating with lead acid batteries.

Choosing and using Batteries for motorcycles Tips

Hey, I’m Joseph. I am back now. With you. For you.

Today, I would like to share you a little bit information about how to choose the best battery for your motorcycle. Besides, I also give you some things about how to use it effectively and durably.

I know, the better the battery’s quality is, the longer your motorcycle could run. So, you have to not only choose yourself the best catch-eyed motor but also, pay attention to its details, especially the battery.

For 1 vehicle especially motorcycle line, the battery is an extremely important device because it dominates the vehicle’s operation. When using devices using GPS navigation devices from the battery to receive signals from GPS satellites and playback GSM waves to transmit signals, which takes a lot of power.

Batteries for motorcycles-2

How to choose Battery for motorcycles tips

With the battery of poor quality is not the battery will drain faster and more easily damaged. So, to help you choose the right type of battery – the best and highest-quality battery, I would share some notes when selecting the battery as follows:

  1. Choose the size and battery pole position

You need to choose the battery size and pole position matching the size that manufacturers have standardized. A suitable battery will be held tightly in the grooves, avoiding problems occurring from oscillation or vibration during vehicle’s motion. You should note that some vehicles that allow mounting batteries of different sizes. It’s best to bring or take a photograph of old batteries to modeling, avoid confusion.

  1. Notes about Voltage and capacity

For your motorcycle, you’ll have to use 12V batteries. If your car is still new, you should choose the batteries owning the same storage with your motorcycle’s old battery. If your motorcycle is quite old for using longer time, you should choose a battery whose capacity is about 10Ah greater than the old ones. For example, your original battery’s capacity is 50ah; if your car is old, or to restart, or to use electrical equipment, cold weather… you should choose a battery which can have the capacity of 60Ah. From that, you can avoid affecting the motor and damaging to the engine.

  1. The maximum start line

In addition to the above parameters, you must ensure the battery has enough energy to start the engine. Energy startup parameters were measured by parameters of the boot line. As symbol above, the 680A is the starting line that the battery can supply for about 30 seconds at 00C before the voltage down to 7.2V. You should choose batteries that have the starting line is equivalent or even greater than the old battery.

  1. Choose the product owning auto-navigation devices

This is best for motorcycles because it does not consume much fuel from the battery. That is always the thing that customers’ top concern when shopping for a navigation device your vehicle.

Batteries for motorcycles

How to use battery

  • When having bought a new battery, you should charge the batteries “fully” before using. Time for each charge (the charge line about 1/10 of the battery’s capacity) will be approximately 10 hours. When having been manufactured, the battery has normally been fully charged. However, it lasts a time for the battery to be shipped from the factory to the time you buy. The longer this period of time is, the higher self-discharge level of the battery is. Allowance of self-discharge AGM battery can be approximately 3%/month and 100% Gel 2%/month.
  • The steam battery is the battery of regular maintenance. This type of battery does not need to refill the solution and picky maintenance. But you still need to check and clean the tank cover and the electrodes. This is to ensure that the electrodes will not be oxidized and better exposure.
  • When charging the battery, you should not charge with the electronic stream, that is much larger in compared with the capacity of the battery charged. And you should choose auto-controlling align line charger for your motorcycle. Standardized electronic stream for the battery that is always recommended is 1/10. It means that load line should be about one-tenth of the battery capacity. For example, for 12V-100Ah battery, you should use the loader 10A.

Choosing and using Batteries for motorcycles Tips – Conclusion

Now, I think that you can have the good experiences for choosing and using the battery for motorcycles. Hope that you can choose and buy the products that are suitable and economical for you. Especially, choosing the best battery, you may feel more safe when moving on the street without any problems from your vehicle. The best battery will companion you on the ways to go everywhere.

Thanks for your concerning about this Choosing and using Batteries for motorcycles Tips. If you have any comment on it, leave it here now.

I was on a job looking for Buchanan Elementary and missed a turn


Last night at around 6:20 pm, I was on a job looking for Buchanan Elementary and missed a turn. I turned around on the road where Notre Dame of Bethlehem Church is. I got distracted and accidentally missed a stop sign. A red Toyota Highlander or RAV4 was in the turning lane of the church. He started honking his horn at me. I noticed I missed the stop sign but he wasn’t in the road and an accident didn’t happen so I continued driving. That’s when I got scary. He then proceeds to tailgate me, tried to pull up next to me in a two lane road, roll down his window to scream at me, and honk his car horn. I got scared so I pull into the parking lot at rite aid at westgate mall and he parks me in gets out of his car and starts screaming and cursing at me calling me a “dumb bitch” and that he has “3 kids” and I could of killed them. I start screaming for help and this man across the street runs to help me trying to calm the man down. The man driving the car tells to “suck my dick” and starts yelling at him. The man helping me tells him he’s going to take a picture of his license and call the cops. At this point, I am crying and seriously scared out of my mind. The man harassing me the yells more things, gets in his car, backs up so I can’t take a picture and speeds through the parking lot. The man who helped me stayed with me till the cops came and helped. I don’t know what would of happened if he wasn’t there so I thanked that man and the Bethlehem Police Officer. I wanted to share this so if you need help with a serious road rage harasser you need to pull into a public parking lot so others can see you. I honestly should of pulled into the wawa on schonersville because there is usually a cop there and lots of people would of helped me out if he became violent. I didn’t get a picture of his license plate but he was driving a red Toyota Highlander or RAV4 but it looked like a bigger RAV4. He was a Hispanic male in his 30s maybe with a black baseball cap with a white lid underneath the cap and a black hoodie. The windows on the car were tinted so you couldn’t see anything inside the car. He was pulling out of the Notre Dame Church parking lot at around 6:20 or so. I want to make sure this guy never does this again and hand him over to Bethlehem Police. I don’t know if Bethlehem Police can do anything but I can at least try. Please be careful out there!

Robochef ready to get cooking

The Robochef is a device that can automatically cook a meal. Inventor Don M. Wong spent nearly 10 years perfecting the machine and his company, C.P. Design, is now looking for factories to mass produce it. The Robochef can follow recipes stored on digital cartridges or memorize and repeat steps after they have been programmed. The unit handles frying, stewing, grilling or simmering and can flip food. Wong hopes to capture the mass market with a price point of about $300.


In Ian Fleming’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” a whimsical inventor creates not only a car that can float and fly, but a robotic breakfast cooking machine that handles every culinary step from selecting and cracking eggs to frying and serving them, as well.


Now, such a concept is no longer a mere movie fantasy. C.P. Design, a new firm headed by inventor and engineer Don M. Wong, will be presenting a new machine called the Robochef–at January’s International Housewares Show in Chicago– which boasts the ability to reduce the task of cooking a meal to a simple push of a button.


The unit, according to Wong, is designed to undertake every step of a recipe, once the ingredients have been placed inside a holding area. Its computer reads recipes off digital cartridges, or it can memorize the recipes after they have been executed manually, just once.


Once it is programmed, Wong said, the Robochef adds each ingredient of a recipe at the right time, and proceeds to simmer, stir-fry, deep-fry, stew, grill and even flip steaks, fish and other pieces of meat. “Each dish is cooked to perfection every time,” Wong said, because there’s no room for human error.


“This is a bookless type of cooking,” he commented. “Recipes are available already on cartridges, or, once you teach the machine how to make something once, it automatically learns both the technique and the recipe, and stores [them].”


While it might seem like a luxury gadget for the well-to-do, Wong stressed that Robochef is targeted at the masses, and was designed to make cooking an easier task for very busy people who can’t afford to hire a human chef.


“My objective is to make it affordable for every household,” Wong said. “I want to hit the mass market with this.”


Currently Wong, a former Lockheed engineer, is looking for factories to mass produce the Robochef machines, C.P. Designs’ only product to date. He has priced them to retail for about $300.


In addition to the mass market, Wong said he feels strongly about the highly visible distribution option of infomercials. “I think this is a really strong candidate for the infomercial people,” he said. “It would also do well in gourmet shops.


“I think we can achieve the same success with this as other firms have with bread makers,” Wong noted. “This actually has a broader appeal, because it doesn’t just perform one special function. It can be used for a wide variety of foods, on a day-to-day basis.”


Two years ago, Wong said, he brought the Robochef to the Housewares show, just to garner feedback, although it was not yet perfected. “The responses were only positive,” he said. Now, he’s eager to see those responses turn into orders.


“I have been working on this device for almost ten years,” Wong related. “I spent four years trying to patent it. When you’re making a complex machine for consumer use, it has to be 100 percent flawless, and now it is. We’re ready for market.”

Jewelry Making is No Problem at all With This Drill Press

Does your project demand drilling? If so, today, I’m going to talk about one of the best drill press machines that have been receiving some great reviews around the market. This machine can perform brilliantly in the comfort of your house and even if you don’t have the expertise of operating a drill press machine, my recommended apparatus will make it easy for you to accomplish something delighting.

The Jet 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press

If you desire for a speedy drill press machine that comes with the features of 16 different speed controls, you are in for a surprise. This machine has the array of 200 to 3,630 RPM speed range. On a brighter note, the drill press comes with an included in light, it means you can work finely in a darkly-lit room too. Just switch on the bulb and you are ready to start your work. It weighs 150 pounds and that is something quite pleasant in a bench top drill press. Not only is it a lightweight product but it has the ability to slant approximately up to 45 degrees, keeping a faultless balance to handle any project.

Key Points

  • 16 speeds ranging from 200 to 3,630
  • Rotating worktop
  • Crank-operated
  • Tilts up to 45-degrees
  • Work space 10 to 13 inch
  • Volt motor ¼ HP 115/230
  • Swing 15 inch
  • Spindle adjustable
  • Drill chuck and key 5/8 inch
  • Built-in light
  • Measurements 31 x 31 x 39 x 1/2 inch (Length, Weight, Height)
  • Total Weight 150 pounds


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Great speed controls
  • Ideal for home usage
  • Efficient swing press
  • Convenient built-in light that helps in working in darkly lit area
  • Helps in other non-drill related jobs too
  • A good workable surface
  • All parts work unerringly
  • Doesn’t budge while working
  • Is long-lasting
  • Affordable price
  • Doesn’t wobble when working


  • This isn’t very portable
  • You may require assistance setting up the head assembling
  • Not really for industrial usage
  • You may need to replace the spindle
  • It may be hard to push and pull it, while working
  • You will have to clean the machined metal for using
  • It is quite heavy when assembled together

What I Have Judged

According to what I have evaluated from several customer reviews, there is a certain craze and appreciation going on regarding this little gem. It may not be suitable for a more professional, business expending, but it does turn the simple home projects into something magical. The machine does work excellently and is completely generic for the price it comes in.


There are many counterparts of this machine but observing this one alone tells me it is quite unique and has features which other drill press machines are lacking in. It works in a speedy way and provides relief because it is not only prodigious for jewelry making; it comes handy for other purposes as well. This will keep you company for a long time and the reasonable worktable allows you to carry out large projects too. It may want some extra parts to advance into something more skilled but the results will be highly satiating.


Not all costumers are always right

Dear big man

I don’t know kung what is your purpose sa pag kuha sa akon sang picture but make sure nga kung ipost mo man gd na, kabay pa mabasa mo man ni…..

Okay. Their was this big man nga gusto mag bakal antibiotic (Cefalexin) for his sorethroat. Ging pangitaan sya reseta. Hmbl nya wala. Hindi na need for reseta kay gusto nya gd magbakal. Hindi sa namon pagtagaan kay wala man sya gale nagpa konsulta. He really insisted. He even told our Officer in charge that he WAS a Pharmacist before (but why was?) He even said that we are unfair because some pharmacies are giving antibiotic without prescriptions while us will not dispense. He was almost shouting and even told me “basta bigyan mo ako ng gamot ko, yun lang. Tapos!” I advised him if he could just take lozenges or gargle for sorethroat but he refused and really insisted for Cefalexin. Ging hambalan ko sya nga gaan ko sya cefalexin basta i complete nya ang treatment. Hmbal nya gusto nya pito lang. Kay gadula malang ang sakit. I told him nga nd na pwede ky dapat icomplete nya gd to avoid drug resistance. But NO. Gusto nya 7 lang. Hmbl ko amu nalang ni ho. “Gaan taka pulo basta baklon mo ang remaining na 11 pag ntapos na ang 10 mo nga capsule” He agreed but he asked me if he could checked the drug that he will purchased. Nag doubt pa sya sa bulong nmon ang even took the med kag nagtalikod. I told him nga ihtag sakon balik ang bulong ky wala pa nbyran kag nd pwede kpgwa bulong. Ging gaan nya ko 100 pesos pero iya balayran 170. ging pangayuan ko sa 70 pero daw nd nya pko pag gaan. Asta nga nghmbl ko nga nd nlg gd ko maghtag ky kulang gyapon…. No choice sya. Nag dugang sya 100. Asta nga nag ok na kag didto na sya ngkwa pictures nkon.

Kabay pa nga mag ayo ka lang big man. Kag kung may plano ka nga itrending mo ko, kabay pa nga ara ka sa inchakto. Godbless you. Get well soon.

Hay nako


Jesus was put under pressure by men who wanted to make Him king over themselves because He was supplying bread and fish for them every time they were around Him, but He wouldn’t jeopardize His vision because of a cheap title of king. He stood His ground and refused to fall for the pressure of kingship because He was already a King in a region whose policy supersedes that of this world before He came. Material things have a way of putting people under unnecessary pressure, don’t fall for it. Don’t let devil wave to you things that God intends to give to you in the future and present it to you now thereby putting you under pressure to cut corners. Any time you find yourself trying to get now what God intends to give to you in the future, you have been put under pressure somewhere along the line, and the earlier you come off that pressure the safer for you because pressure makes people to do funny things that jeopardize their destiny. Let me show you another area where you can experience pressure in your life:

1. Inability to know your level: Everybody has a level, and a proper knowledge of your present level will save you from unnecessary pressure. When Jesus was walking upon the sea, it appeared as though there was no storm at all, but Jesus walked upon the storm because of His level of faith. When Peter also came out of the ship unto the sea, he was confidently walking towards Jesus until there arose a boisterous storm, but because of his level of faith, he began to sink; if a professional is doing it without sweating it will look as though it is easy until you attempt it; know your level!. When you know your level nobody can place pressure on you. You will fall cheaply to the temptation of the devil if you don’t recognise your level. There is an amount of money you can’t handle when it comes into your hand. Money has a womb and everyone can impregnate it. To a child, an amount of money would be used to buy snacks, while to a teenager, it would be used to purchase new clothes; while to an elderly man, it would be used as an investment to improve on his business. Before you go to the next level, know the present level where you are now. What someone is doing by grace, don’t do by strength. Don’t ever think of buying consumable goods or clothes on credit.

PRAYER POINT: Lord, I receive the courage to operate within my level today and not be enticed by the level of other men in Jesus name.


You people need to learn how to be more caring for others instead of saying who cares how about helping some one who needs your help and maybe some day when u least expect it something good will happen or when u need help people will be like oh that person helped me so I’m gonna return the favor and help them to but u deny them so people will do the same to u to..and every one needs to learn to stop cussing in every sentence they say it’s annoying and disrespectful that’s why we’re in the situation in the world cause there’s no respect every one has so much hate for each other you know what that is its the devil getting stronger and stronger cause you dummy’s commit sins and break the commandments…the main one is thou shall not kill”..meaning stop killing each other and instead save a life… Show love for each other even if they from a different country or black white Hispanic asian ect were all the same and no one deserves to die..especially the innocent ones that get killed for no reason cause the dummy with the gun is to scares to get his ass beat like in the good o days..fight toe to toe man up pussys.. Guns are for pussys…

U think killing some one gives u props cause u killed some one no it just makes u a loser cause u gotta go to prison …so man up take a ass beating …and another thing these GANGS now a adays are for pussys to and I’ll say it to your face…GANGS are for pussys that are to scared to fight alone they hide behind there little buddies and try and act all hard. Who cares about these stupid colors no one cares. Its a dumb color.. What makes u man is being your own person take responsibility in your life and stop having kids if u can’t raise them…wear a condom a girls need to keep opening there legs to every guy with a dick and save them selves for marriage… This world is coming closer and closer to an end if these things don’t change fast…and when the world ends don’t try praying to God to save you because he gonna turn away from you cause u did all these things and couldn’t live in peace and harmony..remember he knows all and sees all